Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking for new ideas :D

Some of the most popular items in my shop are my playsets. Tiny turtle, ladybug, and guinea pig just to name a few.

I'm always looking for ideas for new ones. The detail on the animal can't be too intricate because my animals average 1/2" - 1" in size. If anybody has any ideas please feel free to comment.

Thanks in advance, Kathie :)

Link to playsets I have in my shop right now.

Link to my shop:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Having a problem focusing today

After being on our family vacation for a week in Naples Florida, we were all packing up to go to the airport.

Thinking back on the week we spent there we never did get to see a sunset on the beach. Either we were out doing something else or just around that time the clouds would come in.

Well just about an hour before we needed to leave for the airport I asked if my brother in law had called the airport to make sure that the plane was going to be on time. Well he did call and found out that we actually missed our plane.

The 9 of us were in shock.( For about 2 minutes) Then Whaaaaa-Whooooooo!!! we get to stay another night :D :D :D We grabbed our flip flops and drove the 2 minutes to the beach. There was the most beautiful sunset we've ever seen. It was like it was meant to be. I miss Naples :(