Thursday, September 29, 2011

STOP by my shop! Please :D

I've been trying to find a way to get more views to my shop. I've gotten so disgusted trying to no avail. I've even gone the "I quit" route until one little sale would be sitting there getting me all fired up with hope. It's not that I haven't been successful. I've had 379 sales since January of 2009 and I have 100% positive feedback from all of my satisfied and even charmed customers.

Things are just slow now and now is the time I really need the sales.

How do you bring up your sales without spending the money to promote through advertising? It's getting harder and harder to stay in business. I have tried using coupon codes. I now include a business card with a coupon code with every item I send out and it did bring in a few more sales. If there are any secrets out there let me know.

For now here's a gift just for reading my blog. 25% off anything in my already reduced price shop using coupon code: wish4

(And if you do purchase something please send me a message and tell me you read my blog and I'll send you a free hand stitched gift along with your purchase).