Friday, September 4, 2009

I just had to have it!

So I planned a trip to JoAnns for a few odds and ends I needed for some of my little creations. My budget has been limited so I was there only to buy the few things I needed.

Well did you ever come across something that you really wanted but it wasn't in the budget? You just have to have it because it's so AWESOME? Well it's not like it was a million dollars or something. But I had my business budget and I wanted to stick to it.

So what I just had to have was the softest fur material I've ever felt. Like the kind of soft that you just can't stop touching. Like the little stuffed cat I had when I was a little girl. I used to rub it on the side of my cheek to fall asleep.

I mean this was soft. So I tried to find a way to add this furry element to my wishwithme etsy shop. At about $14.00 a yard how could I share it with the masses and still somewhat stick to my budget? It took me a while to come up with the answer but I did. (thats why I never take anyone with me. It takes time to come up with something awesome in a hurry LOL)

So what I did was buy one quarter of a yard. Which was enough to make 3 of these little stuffed characters I had in mind. So that was $3.50 for fabric and enough to make 3 of these little creations I had in mind. Sounded good to me. Until I got home and saw how difficult it was to work with. Well it took a few more days and it came to me. Make a little guy who's soft and cuddly and still has this awesome fur on it.

Talked to some of my family members and came up with my newest creation...... FUZZY TUMMY WUMMY. (Named by my 22 year old nephew) :D He's awesome, he's still soft all over but his tummy (Just a coolwhip cover size circle on his belly) has a softness like no other. I loved making him and I'm happy to have just posted him. I'm even thinking of offering different prints if it sells. I'll have to wait for the next budgeted shopping trip :0


  1. Good thinking on the fly....and your little creation is very cute....

  2. A trip to Jo-Ann's is always lethal. I usually spend way to0 much money each time I go there but I love it!

  3. You have a serious whimsical nature-- love that!

    Mary Kay

  4. I think you will have a new generation of kids rubbing the fuzzy softness of his tummy on their cheek to fall asleep just like you did when you were young. You go girl.

  5. Very cute! Gosh, I sometime hate Joann's. I can't seem to get out of there with only what I needed to get. Ooo, frustrating! Well, not really, but you know what I mean! lol

  6. i have such a weakness for very soft fabrics... this looks wonderful - and what a cute little guy!
    i don't know which is worse, actually going to the fabric store or shopping fabrics online... i always end up spending more than i should either way! :)