Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tiny Christmas guinea pigs

Here's my latest guinea pig friends.

I have Tiny Santa guinea pig and the Tiny Christmas elf guinea pig. Sold with or without a little Christmas guinea pig basket.

Did you ever try making a hat for a one inch stuffed guinea pig? Not too easy. Especially since I almost always resist the dreaded glue. Hand stitching is what adds value to the craftsmanship of all my creations.

So I got past the hats. Not too bad until I decided I needed to put some elf shoes on my ONE INCH tiny guinea pig. Well that's where I drew the line. Even though I really wanted to put shoes on the little guy, it just didn't happen. O well I think they turned out very cute even without the little turned up points shoes. LOL


  1. LOL! Too cute! At least there isn't the odor that a real guinea pig has with you little miniatures :)

  2. Your guinea pigs ae too cute :) I'm sure they are the perfect stocking stuffers

  3. that is the cutest mini thing ive ever seen so far!

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