Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hi Everyone out there in blog land :D I'm just catching up!

I've been a busy little beaver lately. Speaking of beaver, one of my fans suggested I make a tiny beaver playset. What would I make for a beaver?

Ohhhh back to catching up. Anyway, I'm very excited and relieved that my 2nd Wishwithme newsletter was sent out yesterday. I didn't think a newsletter would be so time consuming, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Along with the newsletter I wanted to come up with something to celebrate May, my birthday month. I came up with a Happy Birthday Party Dog.

So you can send a Birthday Party in a box. You get my signature 12" (14 if you count the party hat) dog decorated party style, a removable party blower, 2 tasty lolly pops, a full size party hat and a birthday card with your message on it if needed. Sounds good to me :D

This time of year is always so full of birthday parties and I hate trying to find the perfect gift. Another thing, like the beaver idea, is that I'm still trying to add to my list of possibilities for tiny playsets, so if you have any ideas please send me a note.

Other than all this Etsy business I'm preparing for my daughter's junior prom,a family wedding, a high school graduation, birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays. Then to end of my summer my 25th anniversary on August 31st. No vacation this year :( Dang this economy..... Maybe next year:) So any way, to whoever is reading this, have an awesome day or night.

If your interested in anything in my shop, sign up for my newsletter first and get 30% off any 1 item in my shop and a free tie dyed turtle. I know, awesome huh. lol

visit my shop at Be back soon, Kathie :)


  1. Those beavers are so darn cute!! Happy birthday!! You sound like you have a few busy month ahead of you.
    Congrats on you 25th!! It will be 15 for me this August!
    Love the design of your blog! Very fun:)
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks cindy! The pic in my blog is the turtles you get when you sign up for my blog and buy something for 30% off. I haven't made the beavers yet. Any ideas on what I can make for a beaver? lol

  3. Sounds like you have been busy lately and more busy times ahead.

    Your little turtles are super cute!

    Have a great day!