Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm doing it again! I'm trying to create more items that also appeal to teens and adults.

I have tote bags, cell phone cases, fabric key chains, a wallet and clutch.
The clutch I just added was something that I created for myself and is one of my favorite items. It was time consuming and aggravating at times and the price reflects that but it's time to part with it. I decided not to keep it after all. I'm adding it to my Etsy shop. I really need the sales right now and this is one of the most awesome items in my stock.

I'm also trying to come up with more crazy and cute prints for the paper and plastic wallets I'm making. Thats still in the works.

I have some very cool cell phone cases I must say. Tie dyes, zebra and more.

My tiny tote bag keychains have a vera bradley style. Still looking for more sweet fabrics.

Come by my shop to take a look! If just for a smile ;) See ya there, Kathie :)

My bags, wallets, fabric keychains, and cell phone cases:

My shop home:

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