Friday, May 29, 2009

First official day on blogspot

I have a busy day ahead, but I just wanted to add something to today's blog. Yesterday we had a little accident in the kitchen. My 81 yr old mom was making spaghetti sauce, and moved the pot to wipe off the stove and knocked the sauce to the ground. Luckily, the pot landed upright and saved 1/2 the sauce. Well my husband cleaned up the mess, my dog wanted to clean up the mess, and I was in charge of mom's white cotton sneakers. So as of last night, the kitchen is back to normal, my white Bichon has a permanent orange glow over her face and mom now has one orange and one white sneaker. She loved those sneakers, ( bunion problems) but don't worry my sister ran out and got her the same exact sneakers and all is well. Today we're taking her out to buy a new treadmill. We like to go to an awesome track, in a beautifully quiet location and walk but we can't always get there, so we're going to have the next best thing for back up. Well I'm off!!

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  1. Glad your Mom was ok though & didn't scald herself. Hey though - orange is my favourite colour so an orange Bichon & orange sneakers is no bad thing!!!
    Good luck with your blog, I'd love to pop back & visit!

    Best wishes

    Sarah x