Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just checking in (scary October)

Hey everybody out there in blog land! Sorry I've been slipping but I've been busy working on things for my shop. I even had some top secret prototypes to work on. So here we are approaching mid October. My daughter is turning 16 on the 15th. Hey now there's something scary for Halloween. I just can't picture her behind the wheel of my red Town and Country van. Another scary thing about October, is just as the air seems to get chillier and chillier your reminded of whats to come. About 11 more weeks till Christmas in Etsy land. This is my first Etsy Christmas to prepare for. I already have things in mind for my own family that I have to make. I'm just afraid I'll get all kinds of orders like a week before Christmas or something. I have so many different things in my shop that I really can't get started on much. And hey, "I'm only one woman! ". Anyway, Happy October and have a happy Halloween season. I just picked up my costume today. 1 tiger tail, 1 tiger ear headband, and 1 tiger bow tie. Yup going all out. "NOT". Well maybe next year. lol Hope to check in again within the next few days................. :)

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  1. Happy Halloween! This is my favorite time of year. I'm sure you'll be a stunning tiger!