Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Santa's Workshop guinea pig style :D

I have a very special customer in France who I make tiny guinea pig hutches for. Some of my favorites are the novelty themed hutches. I've made a pink castle, a fire house, a train, and my absolute favorite. Santa's Workshop. This one was fun to make and create. It even has a little guinea pig with a Santa hat inside. Putting my little hutches together are like putting a puzzle together. First I use graph paper and measure out pattern pieces. Then I cut stiff felt fabric to the size of the patterns, and I end up with a little bit of Awesomeness when it's finished. Last night I was playing with my graph paper and thought about maybe making a bakery and a candy store. I never know what's coming up next :D


  1. Wonderful ! thanks for sharing

  2. love this!! Do u sell on etsy?
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  3. these are SO cute! i can't get over it!

  4. Yes Priscila, I do sell on Etsy just look under the the name wishwithme in sellers or click on my shops widget towards the top of this page :)