Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiny, Tinies, and more tinies

I'm about 4 weeks away from my 1 year anniversary with Etsy. One of the big favorites in my shop has been my tiny felt stuffed animals either made from felt or the little fingers cut off of the gloves I use for my gloves dogs.

Now who doesn't love a tiny stuffie? I get messages from my customers telling me how their child walks around with their tiny little treasure and they come quite attached to them.

There was one little girl who received one of my tiny turtles. Her mom told me that she made a little bed and blanket for it and took it to bed with her every night. Now the turtle is only a little over an inch long so hopefully she's a careful sleeper :o

I've heard lots of stories just like that one. One of my returning customers asked me if I would make her a ladybug for her daughter. I thought "How am I going to make a ladybug stuffed animal? I already get wicked eye strain as it is." Well I started off with a tiny red hart and I took it from there. It came out Awesome. I think it's about the smallest stuffed animal you'll ever find. I actually figured it out. My customer and her daughter were thrilled. I even decided to make a little leaf for it to live on and sent her to her for free. It was one of the coolest things I ever made.

I must admit I was exactly the same way when I was little. I would have a tiny little doll or animal and I would make sure it was covered with a tiny blanket at night and I would make tiny things like little carriers out of little scraps of cloth. I guess that's why I make the tiny little toys in my shop today. I love making them and I love to get the awesome feedback to hear how the children treasure my little whimsies. :D


  1. I love your teeny creations...I used to make little bitty stuff when I was little myself...

  2. These are adorable! And thank you for following my blog.

  3. Those are just the cutest! Kind of makes me want to have some!

  4. Oh! Those are adorable. More stories about happy children please!

  5. Too cute! And I love your zhu zhu pet comment! I don't have kids but my friends kids are all obssessed with the zhu zhu pet - so I have to send this to them!!