Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's 12"tall and is sure to make the BRIDE &GROOM gigle?

A customized, personalized, fun gift to give the BRIDE & GROOM.
I can pretty much guarantee they don't already have them and they're not going to get 2 of them.

This is my Wedding couple. You choose the colors of the ribbon and flowers, and the choice of 3 colors for the Swarovski crystal hanging from the brides pearl necklace.
(pink, blue or smoky amber).

On their bellies you can either have BRIDE and GROOM or the bride and grooms names embroidered. The embroidery is kind of quirky to give it that fun homemade appeal. Come to my shop to get a full description :D

I take pride in everything I make and I'm particularly proud of my WEDDING DOGS :D


  1. Super cute!! I love the little belly buttons and tails. These would be a great gift for a pair of dog lovers!

  2. As a bride (in 10 weeks) they definitely make me giggle! They are cute! Do you make ones in cats?

  3. Congrats, thatdesigngal! Yes I do make cats. They're in my shop. I call them Anniversary Cats but I also make them into Wedding Cats :D