Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Meghan ballerina cat made it to a treasury!

Hey! My Meghan ballerina cat made it to a treasury. Oops I guess I can't actually show the picture. Bummer:( O well it was an exciting moment anyway. Stay tuned to my blog. I'll be working on it very soon. Yesterday was figure out fan page day. (Not a good day):( I'm still kinda confused. All I know that by mistake I added lots of new fans to my personal page and made everyone of my fan page administrators. :o I was in and out of the forums till 2 am. Hence the problem with my alarm not going off and my getting up at 11:11 to be exact. Although I did briefly did wake up when my 15 yr. old daughter came into my room at seven complaining of a swollen eye (from being a mascara novice, Oh God) and had to fix her sling.(from her sprained, already been sprained 7 months ago wrist). Not to mention her 15 yr. old morning attitude. And why am I still in bed when she has to get to school? Because of her 15 yr. old attitude. That's daddys job:D I took care of her every morning until she was about 12, then I gave him the job. (That makes me happy). Uggg! That's a blog for another day. Okay so my non blog got a little bloggy. Yea good for me! I made my 3rd blog. :D

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  1. OoohI've got all this to come with my 11 year old daughter!!!! Well done for making it into a treasury too xxx