Thursday, March 25, 2010

SALE! 10 to 50% off just about everything.......

Yes here at the wishwithme shop, I've decided for the first time since I opened my shop about 15 months ago, that it's time to give everyone a break. God knows I need one.

This economy has effected my family in countless ways, as It probably has yours too. I work hard on my creations, and I'm proud of everything In my shop. I feel I've always priced my items fairly, and I've had the most awesome customers within my first 15 months.

I've been told in more than one forum, that if you lower your prices, potential customers will think that the quality isn't that good. Well now it's time to prove them wrong. To me quality and workmanship and detail are number one and my customers know that. All this price cut means is that I'm giving my customers a break.

Things can only get better from here :) see ya soon, Kathie :)