Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awesome laundry secret for those who hate to iron

Yes, I call it awesome!
Here's a little something I do that to me was like common sense but to others it's like "Wow, that's s a great idea"!

So I've always had a thing about laundry. No I'm not one of those people who say "I love to do laundry and ironing, it calms me" OH, Pha-leese! Anyway I just like to get it done quickly and efficiently. I remember going to my sister's house and she would have baskets of clean laundry waiting to be put away. Kids calling, "Hey mom! where's my whatever shirt and such, and they would dig it out of the compressed wrinkled pile and she would have to quickly iron it and off they would go. OH NO, not in my house. I rarely iron and you would never know it.

One reason is because lucky for me my husband only likes freshly ironed crisp shirts. So he would take out his own shirt and iron it in the morning before work. My daughter throws her school uniform on the ironing board and he takes care of her. Me, I'm a t shirt and jeans type of girl. Except when I need dress clothes for whatever then I too can throw something on the magic ironing board and "Whaaa-Laaaaa" It magically ends up on a hanger all pretty :D.

Okay so no my husband is not my laundry secret. Well we are a family of four. My daughter nearing 16 my son 21, and my husband and I. There are an awful lot of Ts and Polos, shorts, pants and jeans. Here's what I do:

I separate clothes . Whites, Darks, gentle darks, gentle lights and the usual sox,underware, pajamas, towels, etc.( Don't wash towels with your regular clothes because it really does a job on them causing wear and fuzz balls) YUCK! It's amazing how long you can keep your clothes looking great just by washing them inside out in the gentle cycle. That I mainly do for my daughter and I.

So I basically wash all of the separated tops and bottoms first (EVERYTHING except pants INSIDE OUT)
When the wash cycle is finished I take out the wet clothes and shake them out a little as I transfer them to the dryer. (Shaking them out is just to help them move a little easier while drying, so there not so stuck together).

I set the dryer timer for 15 minutes. That's all the time you need. After the 15 minutes, I take out the shirts 1 at a time, put my arms in through the bottom of the shirt, give it a little bit of a stretch and flip it right side out and put it on a hanger. ( ALWAYS USE THE HANGERS WITH THE ROUNDED ENDS TO KEEP YOUR SHIRTS FROM SPROUTING WINGS) :O

The clothes on hangers collect on a nearby doorknob until I get everything out of the dryer. Next I hang them all on an entryway between by living and dining room. ( You can use any entry way or just hang them from your kitchen chairs). Sometimes I do the laundry in the morning and before I go to bed everything is dry and ready to be put away. Always hung, never folded in a draw.

When it comes to pants, after they come out of the wash cycle I just straighten them out a little , fold them as you would if you were to put them in a drawer, and throw them in the dryer. When I take the pants out I straighten them out a little, put them on a pants hanger ( the one with the 2 clips on it like you get when you buy pants on a hanger at the store) Just clip them and again hang them up to dry. Presto! Once they dry they look like they've been ironed :D After a while I finally got my sister to use this method and she does it all the time. It feels great to just hang the laundry in your closet at the end of the day instead of digging through laundry baskets :)

(Pictured is yesterdays laundry or should I say most of yesterdays laundry. My daughter likes to wear many MANY outfits, so her laundry continues on to the neighboring entryway.
The hanger pictured is the best kind of hanger to use when drying wet clothes on a hanger.)


  1. Wow!
    Very detailed . . . I think i've used some of these tips myself!
    Thanks for sharing!

    - Whitney
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  2. Oh, girl, I love to do laundry, but I loathe ironing!

  3. My husband actually laughs at me because I don't let his polo shirts sit in the dryer - he swears the heat he throws off is enough to get the wrinkles out!

  4. Great info!I need to try that next time:)

  5. I'm printing this out giving it my kids and DH. What a great KISS tutorial! I do this too but don't have the energy to write it out. Thanks!

  6. I do this sometimes.

    You should have heard the kids when the dryer quit and I hung stuff on the line! LOL

  7. Awesome tips! Most of my clothes end up in a pile on the floor! :D

  8. Great tips...they really do work...Now that I no longer have kids at home Laundry is so much simpler..

  9. look at how many people are interested in time-saving laundry tips - that's fabulous. i do a lot of hanging up myself; we've lost too many clothes to dryer shrinkage. :(
    have to admit i miss the days of hanging laundry on the line... nothing like nestling down into sheets that have dried in the sunshine... ahhhhh! :)

  10. This sounds like a great tip! Going to try it out tomorrow!

  11. Wow. This is great. I'm going to print it out. Don't know if I have such a big hanging space. Thanks for sharing.