Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I love about making my little creations :)

What I love about the things that I make is the reactions I get when people receive them. Especially the reactions of the little ones. One of my customers told me that her little daughter took the tiny turtle I made for her brother. She made a little crib for it and she puts it to sleep by her bed every night. How cute is that! That makes up for the added eyestrain of making something that little. Her mom asked me to make 2 more to add to her collection. One purple and one orange :D Another customer told me her daughter carries the little finger-ling baby with here wherever she goes. She sent me this Awesome picture of her chubby little hand feeding the baby with the attached bottle. I love, love, love this pic. :) This makes me happy :D


  1. i know EXACTLY what you mean! nothing brings me more joy than getting feedback from my "customers" (I don't even like calling them that) - once they've received the animal they've purchased. I mean, money's nice, but appreciation is soooo much nicer.

  2. Just reading that makes me smile. Great creations:)