Saturday, August 1, 2009

Missing Naples

Well I'm having a very different year. Usually once a year I get to look forward to going to Naples Florida to a condo resort with some of my extended family. My husband and brother in law are co owners so it's like a home away from home. My sister and I have our own little locked up closet with all of our things so the place can be rented here and there for weeks at a time. Which hasn't been going too well. We're going to work on that. So because of this economy we can't afford to go this summer. I miss being there so much. My favorite place to be was on the balcony overlooking the little winding lake and the ducks and the fountain in the lake that you can always count on for that soothing sound of water splashing into water. Sounds weird but it's awesome to me. :D Then there's the beach. Only 2 minutes away. Awesome white sand. Warm, and I mean warm water. I hate cold water. Of course when you go to Florida in August, the water is at it's warmest. Just the way we like it. lol Okay now I'm depressing myself. How about some pictures of my favorite place:

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  1. Keep your chin up and wish for next year!

    Due to our economic circumstances we haven't been on vacation since 2005 and it was a place we went to every year, only we went about 5 hours north of Toronto in Canada. I keep telling myself...maybe next year. We feel your pain with you. :)