Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tiny Tiki vacation

In the Hawaiian mountains, in the land of king Kamehameha, you can hear the drums of the warriors in the wind.

If you take a close look under the leaves of the monkey pod trees you'll see the tiny village of Tiny Tikis. There not much bigger than your thumb but there very powerful and said to bring GOOD LUCK. The trick is to catch them because they are very fast.

You can sometimes find them riding the waterfalls in their bamboo canoes, between the twists and turns of the Banyan trees. Local surfers say they have seen them riding on the backs of sea birds.

I've seen them but never had the good fortune to catch one. Although I did catch them on vacation at a local smoothie hut :D


  1. The beach looks wonderful and your painted shells are so pretty!

  2. hahahaha those make me laugh! did you make them? very cute.

    Katie Eats Cake

  3. Yes, there in my shop. I wrote a cute little story for them in my shop too! :D