Sunday, August 23, 2009

A quick visit

As my arrived home he called me on his cell phone and told me to look out the front window. Sounded like I should grab my camera so I did and look what I found. A birdie splash party!
Right now it's about 85 in the shade so I'm sure their happy to have found my little oasis :)


  1. How cute!! We don't have a birdie bath, but we are feeding a flock! Great entertainment for the cats!!!


  2. I love the photos! It looks like the birds are having a great time!!

  3. I'm feeding a flock as well, plus a couple happy families of chipmunks and squirrels, and occasional possum, right here in suburbia! Makes me happy.

  4. Hooray for bird baths! Here in the city, I see them taking baths in mudpuddles after it rains and feel so sad for them.

  5. Wonderful!! I am sure those birds were having a grand old time. Cool bath in the shade in our recent New England heat ... ahhhhhh.

    p.s. Thank you for signing up as a reader on my blog! I appreciate it and hope I can make your repeated visits worthwhile.

  6. Awesome photos!

    I love the feed the fishes app too!

    - Whitney (buddhanature)
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  7. I sooo want a bird bath - great photos! Found you through the Etsy forums :)