Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My advice for Etsy friends :)

My shop started off with my Wish dog. ( Made from 2 garden gloves). It grew into having lots of different dogs and cats and even bunnies dressed from ballerinas to pirates.

Things were going pretty well for a while then the sales really slowed down. I did have offline sales from family and friends, but the economy really had an effect. I then had to switch gears. I had to come up with lower priced items that my customers could buy if they couldn't afford my more expensive items (which was usually $17.00-$22.00).

So I always wanted to try making little felt animals. I tried and came up with a pretty popular turtle playset. I was featured one day on the community type page and I was sewing quite a few turtles. They were priced at $7.00 and came with a little dish like home and drawstring bag. A bargain for only $7.00. Then I tried a guinea pig. No bigger than a kidney bean. Now those are tough on the eyes but that's what is keeping me going.

I did come up with some other tiny creations but I took most of them off of my shop because they were just too tedious to make. The two other big things are the finger-ling babies, which is a little baby in a little blankie drawstring bag and it has a little bottle attached to drawstring. And Ninjas in a bag, which is from one to three little ninjas in a drawstring bag. (both of these items are made from the upcycled cast off fingers of my glove dogs).

I hope someday I can get back into the glove animal business because that's really what I love putting together. I'm in the process of sketching out about 10 new dogs to post this fall.

So for now my shop's been tweeked because of the hard times. Not a day goes by without my trying to come up with the next big thing. So weather it be turtles or guinea pigs, finger-lings or ninjas, the best part of selling anything for me is the reaction of my customers when they actually hold one of them in their hand. I sold one of my tiny turtles to one of my customers who bought it for her son. His little sister then took the turtle, made a tiny crib for it and sleeps with it every night. NOW THAT IS PRICELESS. :)

So go crazy in the forums, get your items seen, and add some low priced items to your shop. Persistence will pay off in the end:) Things can only get better.......


  1. ooo adorable little turtle! i had a tiny little turtle I got from a toy machine thing (you know outside of Toys R us) and I did the same when I was little! hehe

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences, makes me feel better knowing others are in similar situations!!! Much success to you!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I'm also trying more craft fairs and such. And you know the holidays are right around the corner and I can totally see more people going for a really nice handmade item rather than spending too much on something store bought (well, I hope so at least)

    But....Here's to everyone having good luck and success!

  4. Your items are adorable!

    I have lts of economically priced items in my shop. But I am saving some back for outdoor shows. Sometimes people only have $10.00 to spend.

    My biggest show of the year is Labor Day weekend. Last year sales were already down. I have heard to expect 1/3 of the previous year in profit. SO rather than get down about it, I have been cracnking out low cost items to make that I can sell at a low price.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Good thoughts! Nice to know I'm not the only one having a slow August...will keep cranking away like everyone else :)

  6. love the turtle playset!! and some great advice! sales have been slow for me too. I've also been working hard on new ideas and revamping my shop. here's to hoping for more sales!

  7. Thanks everyone !!! Nice to know I'm not alone:)

  8. Your little critters are so adorable. Thanks. You do have to know your market, and what people can and will pay for things. So much of what we make is lovely, but not essential. When times are bad, people don't spend money. Times will get better.

  9. Hello, I really wanted to leave a comment for you, to say how cool it's been having a read of your posts and looking at your pictures today.

    Really enjoyed my visit - you write really well !

    Best wishes and thank you.

  10. Great ideas! Thanks for making this post :) It is very encouraging!

  11. I love the little turtle! I have pet turtles so little smiling turtle things make me super happy! :)